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RoboClean - The Ultimate Cleaning Experience

A Cleaner Home and Air, Healthier Life!

The Roboclean Cleaning System is the ultimate evolution with the latest unique water-based filtration system from Germany, to provide the world with cleaner home and air as well as healthier life. Roboclean is the Worlds No.1 Brand of Home Cleaning System which is on a mission to effectively remove dirt, dust, allergens and airborne particles from your home. Based on the Principle that “Soaked Dust Can’t Escape”. Get acquainted with the superior features of Roboclean and give you and your family a healthier and excellent environment.
Health Benefits
A healthy indoor environment is crucial for our well-being and health.
The Roboclean has warranty programs available for up to 8 years. Learn more…
Nature's Technology
Clean your home in the most natural way, by using nature’s most powerful element, water.
Buyer Beware
Only an Authorized Roboclean Distributor/Dealer can sell and support an authentic Roboclean.

Roboclean Accessories

Roboclean is an all-in-one, multipurpose machine for air-wash cleaning and vacuuming. The Roboclean cleaning...

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OUR GREATEST ASSET : Health! The Air We Breathe A healthy indoor environment is crucial for our well-being and...
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Business Opportunity

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  • The Roboclean Electro Nozzle features its own 150W motor, giving you extra cleaning power on all type carpeted surfaces. Remote control ability and upright lock mechanism are user-friendly features of the Electro Nozzle. 
  • The Small Power Nozzle is a minature electro nozzle that works great in places that used to be unreachable.
  • Designed to ease your daily cleaning! It is suitable to sweep of carpets, rugs and hard floors with its adjustable brush.
  • Used for cleaning of surfaces such as clothing, beds, sofas, curtains. Delicate to all surfaces.
  • Specifically designed for cleaning the folds of sofas and couches, etc..
  • Used for daily sweeping of floors, carpets, walls. You can easily make the switch between floor/carpet by pressing the pedal.
  • Provides great convenience when cleaning awkward places such as the space between the radiator fins, edges of windows and others.
  • Used for cleaning of delicate surfaces such as natural and artificial flowers and plants, paintings, furniture and more.
  • With this tip you can clean keyboards and electrical appliances. You can also use it to blow mattresses, balloons, balls, etc.
  • It is designed to clean difficult to reach places such as cupboards, wardrobes and behind radiators.
  • The telescopic tube made from stainless steel enables you to adjust it according to your own height.
  • The handle is ergonomically correct and has an integrated remote control letting you control the machine directly from the handle. The hose is made from a spring steel spiral coated with two layers of reinforced rubber.
  • In this bag for 3-4 minutes you can clean out all the mites  from your pillows, blankets, etc.. Use the bag to vacuum your blankets and clothes to save valuable space.
  • Roboclean lets you wash your floors and carpets using clean water at all times! Hard floor cleaning with this nozzle is simplicity itself, leaving a large floor clean and dry in a matter of moments.
  • With Roboclean you can also shampoo & clean your furniture. You will still be able to control the cleaning process via the handle.
  • Made exclusively for the Roboclean, our Carpet Cleaning Shampoo provides exceptional cleaning power while protecting your carpets. Use this solution with a small amount in your water basin.
  • The special Aroma Collection of Roboclean will make your home as refreshing as a spring garden.


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